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Question asked by fschumpert on Feb 25, 2015
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Among the other "threads" for discussion, particularly related to travel, here's a few  that might also be of interest, especially to long-time travelers:


MOTELS: (A hybrid of motor and hotel)


How many of you remember "Tourist Homes" in the U.S., long before the advent of motels? Did you ever stay in one?


How many remember when "Holiday Inn" first started - I believe it might have been the first motel chain in the U.S.?


Do you know that "Hampton Inns" evolved from the H.I. chain - do you know where the first "Hampton Inn" was located?


Do you recall the Howard Johnson Motel ice cream shops? How many flavors did they offer?




Which airlines have you previously used that are no longer in existence?

(For me, Eastern Airlines, Southern Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, Mohawk Airlines, Braniff Airlines, TWA, Pan-Am)


Do you know from which of the earlier carriers Delta and U.S. Air evolved?


Do you remember when you could smoke in the rear of the airplane? Was that ever a problem for you?


What did you think when the first male stewards began serving on airplanes?


Do you remember when the airline "Hub" (regional) concept came into being, along with "Frequent Flyer" programs? What do you think about these? Has this been beneficial, or a detriment, to your flying choices?




Fast-food eating establishments were not available during my earlier years, but one of my favorites during teen years was the drive-in, similar to "Sonic" today. How many of you remember taking your girlfriend to the drive-in, and requesting your favorite song from the D-J in sound booth over the drive-in?


Do you remember which was the first "fast-food" hamburger chain?


Other developments in dining-out, aside from the sit-down, full-service restaurant,  were the self-serve, smorgasbord, buffet line, and  food courts, (especially in airports and shopping malls), and home-delivery (pizza) services.  Which do you prefer?


Perhaps you have other memories of travel changes that have evolved in your lifetime that you would want to post for the younger folks??