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Marriott Westshore

Question asked by beagle1 on Feb 22, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2015 by lindseyh

As a Platinum Premier, I have the "opportunity" to stay in many Marriott's, and this past weekend while visiting Tampa, booked the Tampa Westshore. Upon checking in, there was no internet, 10 hours later, no internet, the next morning, no internet, afternoon, no internet, so needing to work, I had to check out and ended up at the Embassy Suites (Diamond member). What does it take to find a technician to correct the internet ???? 

While the hotel is dated, but clean, they did apologize and comp the room. The issue was I had to work, and upon checking in, if they had told me, no internet, I could have made an informed decision to stay or not. Communication is the key to building business partners, be open with your customer and don't promise that the internet will be fixed.  It wasn't when I left.