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JW Cancun and Club 91 - Have you been there recently?

Question asked by ghostriderliny on Feb 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by marriott_murph

Hi I'm looking for some updated information from recent visitors to the JW in Cancun. All other posts I could find are more than 2 years old.  I'm attending a 4 day conference in late April and have decided to pay cash for my room using the buy three get one free sand dollar rate of $209 rather than using points because as a category 8 hotel it takes a lot of points! I'm considering paying more for a room with  the Club 91 access but as I will be tied up mostly 9-5 for three of the days it seems like a waste of money, maybe.


- Can you purchase the club 91 level access for just a day or two or is the fee assessed daily for the entire trip?

- How much do they charge for the access? Is it the quoted $125 per day for two or would a gold elite member get a better rate?

- If I dont club level it, do you think I would be better off with the MR package that includes breakfast at Sedona Grill or the Sand dollar with a $50 daily resort credit?

- As gold elite, at non resorts, I'm used to getting free wifi, room upgrades, executive level access and free breakfast/or 750 points. I hear that none of this applies at the JW Cancun. What has your experience been?

- Do they provide a complimentary bottle of water or two or is everything chargeable in the room?
- Is the beach currently compromised and of narrow width or has it completely recovered since several years ago?

- Is the breakfast at the Sedona Grill really worth $28 or can I find reasonable food nearby at a local establishment?

- Are there good values in excursions (to Tulum for example) at the resort or should I bbo something online before leaving?

- Are there any additional "resort fees" or surprise fees (from Marriott or Mexico) that I wont find out about until it's too late?  Need to factor them into my evaluation like if I stick my own bottle of water into the mini bar to cool it, will I get charged?


Any other hints or tips would be appreciated



Thank you for your feedback