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What do You Think About the Visa "Black Card"?

Question asked by fschumpert on Feb 21, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2015 by jsucool76

I've been a Marriott Visa Signature Credit Card, issued by Chase Bank, member for sometime and alternate between using this credit card - especially for Marriott Hotel charges - and American Express Platinum Credit Card for business and personal expenses. *I've also been using AMX for Cosco club purchases, but this is soon to fade out with these two companies splitting.


I just received an invitation to apply for the Barclay's Bank Visa Black Card (not under the Marriott auspices), which affords enhanced benefits, such as access to some 350 airport VIP lounges - Delta Sky Club alone costs $450/year),  25k bonus points (toward cash back) after first $1,500 eligible purchases within 90 days, no foreign transaction fees (currency exchange), reimbursement for expenses resulting from baggage delays while traveling, etc. However, reading the "fine print", it appears members only receive one (1) point for every US $ spent using the card.


By comparison, the Visa Signature cost slightly less than $100/year, while the "Black Card" membership is $495/year.


Do any of you "Insiders" use this card? I think I'll stick with my two credit cards.