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Is 180,000 for 4 nights at Naples RC a good deal?

Question asked by clebert on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by riki53

-I am thinking about redeeming 180,000 points for a four-night stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, FL (the beach property, not the golf resort).  This property is $979 per night on my selected dates, and I can get it for $899 a night with my ABA discount.  So, I'd be redeeming 45,000 points per night for a stay that would otherwise cost $899 per night.  I think this is probably a pretty good use of points?  I have tons of points and haven't really been redeeming many of them over the years.  Any advice?  If I don't redeem points at this property, I can redeem 75,000 for a 4-night stay at a SHS or FFI that's ordinarily $269/night.  I'd much rather be at the RC than SHS or FFI, so the point different for the RC seems worth it.  And I definitely don't feel like paying $899/night at RC or even $269 for FFI and SHS.  The RC is a beautiful property (of course!).  The FFI and SHS are nothing to write home about and really don't seem worth $269 or the points.  Thanks in advance!