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Marriott CC Certificate

Question asked by highbay on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by fhsbbmom

Has anyone had any problems extending the expiration date of this certificate by 2 days?  I have several trips planned between now and August and unfortunately, every place we have planned only have categories higher than a 5.  We are currently planning a trip to Alaska and will be staying our first night in Fairbanks.  There is a category 5 property there, so we looked into arriving on Aug 3rd (when my certificate expires), but the hotel has no availability on that date…the next available date is the 5th.

I called customer service about this and was told that yes, it is possible to get that certificate extended due to it only being 2 days out, but that I would need a reservation first, then call the Rewards number for the extension.  I booked the hotel, then called Rewards.  I had the unpleasant experience of speaking to a Rep named Ashley, whose voice was EXTREMELY monotone.  She told me that she could not help me as it was too far out (meaning August) and that I would need to call back at the end of July, beginning of August before they could let me know.  She was unapologetic to the point of sounding rude. As a Platinum member, I do expect better customer service.  At least consistent information as well.

Thanks for allowing me to vent!