Stays vs. Nights. Will hotels copy airlines

Discussion created by john_thai on Feb 18, 2015

Big furor on some of the airline forums (particularly United right now) about the Rewards programs changing to give points and miles based on $ spend rather than miles. A lot of people who fly deeply discounted Coach tickets but who fly a ton are finding that their FF points are going to be cut in half or even lower. While the less frequent flyers who fly in Premium cabins are going to start getting a lot more FF points. I guess the airlines are finally figuring out that they need to encourage spending rather than flying as the bank deposits are in dollars, not miles.


So just wondering whether Marriott and other hotels might be thinking the same thing.


For example: Mega bonus rewards are based on number of stays. Make 11 stays of 1 night each and you get 25,000 bonus points. But 1 stay of 11 nights gets you no bonus points. For that matter, 1 stay of 100 nights gets you no bonus points. (Bonuses start racking up on the second stay in the most recent program).


Not sure that's the behavior Marriott wants to encourage.