what exactly is the piont of telling a Marriott Customer they are NOW promoted to PLATINUM  Premier

Discussion created by kristibgm on Feb 16, 2015
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I am now relizing this so-call top 3% of elite Marriott customers called Platinum  Premier MEANS .... NOTHING

the "special" phone number is is NOT as though they give you ANY SPECIALS

there is NO difference of service from the main number to the "special number" so what is the point of it???

just today... I asked 3 different Courtyard staff, if they could extend my stay here at the rate I checked into BECAUSE OF THE HORRID WEATHER CONDITIONS that the DC area is going to endure, this week.  Got NOTHING... just quoted same ol' rate as ANY normal customer COMING here.... it was the so-call LOW rate from AAA.... What a INSULT that is!!!!!!.  SO NOW-- I have to check out in with weather conditions in the single digit and with the wind condition... outside is going to be in NEGATIVE -- BELOW ZERO tempature.  I use to be ONE of Marriott GREATEST CHEERLEADER but after tonight and other --- whatever.... answers from other Marriott hotels these last couple months..... aint happy  at all about it is t.