Does Marriott Care?  I Believe that they do!

Discussion created by phctourist on Feb 10, 2015
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The recent extensive discussion about the new cancellation policy has often included comments that suggest that Marriott does not care about its"elite" guests.  Marriott employees have assured callers (including me) that the policy will not be enforced rigidly and that when unforeseen problems force changes in plans, we will not be penalized. 


I expect, based upon the way I have been treated by Marriott, in the past, that these assurances can be believed.


I can recount numerous occasions when I complained about problems at a Marriott business and received treatment that far exceeded the correction that I had hoped for.  I assume that this sort of treatment will continue, in the future.  I can only think of two times (out of many hundreds) that I left a Marriott establishment and was unhappy with my treatment.


Do those of you who fear the new policy, have reason to believe that you won't be treated well?


Lets start a thread about how problems have been handled over the years, and if there have been unhappy results, how often did those occur?