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Marriott Credit Card and The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card

Question asked by eam1813 on Feb 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by dk69

Hello Everybody Something I have wondered for awhile but couldn't find the answer using my google-fu. I called chase and marriott and they both said I can have both cards at the same time, however I can't find out/have gotten different answers on other things.


First, can I keep it as a marriott rewards account and have the benefits of both credit cards go into the same account?


Second,  I have read in a few places that you need to have the account changed to a Ritz-Carlton account for both cards to work. Is that true?


Third, with getting gold status from The Ritz-Carlton card, does the card give you 50 nights? therefore generating 65 nights between the two cards? Something else?


Thank you in advance