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Is it wrong to get a room for friends so I get the points and they might get benefits?

Question asked by 7 on Feb 7, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2015 by jm1991

I have 2 friends coming for a visit and they asked me to recommend a hotel. There is a Marriott close by so, naturally, that is where I pointed them. Afterward, I started thinking that if I booked and paid for the room then I would get the points and they might get some benefit (definitely wouldn't get less than they would on their own) and it would be a win/win.


Is there anything wrong with that? I'll admit, my initial thought was that it was probably at the very least shady and I don't like to do things that feel shady, so I didn't want to do it. But, that was because I thought I'd have to book the room for 2 and I check in with 1 of them and then later hand the key off to the other and let them sneak in. After checking out the rates, the room will accommodate 3 people (and at the same rate) so I could just book it for all 3 of us, we all 3 check in and then there's not really anything requiring me to stay there.


That seems pretty much above board to me, but I wanted to check against the moral compass of the community, so let me know what you think.