The Purpose of Marriott Rewards Insiders

Discussion created by bejacob on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by brightlybob

I've seen several comments in various threads lately lamenting the fact that Marriott is not listening to the concerns posted on Marriott Rewards Insiders and folks are therefore choosing to leave the site, never to post again. I can think of many reasons to stop participating, but this shouldn't be on the list (in my opinion).


While it is nice that we do have folks on the inside watching the content of MRI, my understanding of this site is that it is a place for Marriott Rewards members to talk amongst themselves, ask questions, share concerns, and get travel advice as it relates to staying at Marriott properties around the world. I don't believe it was ever meant to be an avenue to complain about (or praise) the company. Those comments have a place here, but to expect action because of them seems a bit of stretch (at least it does to me).

Please keep posting the good and the bad. Keep asking for travel suggestions or about which hotel is best to visit in a particular city. Keep expressing concerns, but please don't threaten to leave because corporate didn’t address your issue. Chances are they never even heard about it. We may have a line of communication to the company through the communitymanager, but she doesn’t make company policy. Most of our suggestions (or complaints) will go nowhere through no fault on her part.

We have a great resource in Marriott Rewards Insiders. Folks on this site are likely some of the most loyal Marriott customers. They have a wealth of knowledge to be tapped. Read the blogs or search past discussion threads as proof.

Leave the site if it no longer engages you. Leave if you no longer have time to participate. But please don't leave because Marriott is not listening. I don't believe that was ever the intended purpose of Marriott Rewards Insiders.