United Fare Glitch 2/11/15

Discussion created by ks77 on Feb 12, 2015
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I promised everyone that the next crazy fare glitch happened I would let everyone know about it. I was able to get the glitch fares to populate but I did not post it on here. I would have posted it here but did not since I had the distinct feeling they would not be honored and it turns out that was indeed the case. I was able to find the deal and was considering booking it but there were several red flags that made me uncomfortable doing so. You had to go to United.com and change your country to Denmark. Then do your searches. The prices would populate in DKK. They were obviously wrong and due to currency conversion and not the fares. A co worker bought one as a why not lets see what happens. The receipt showed the fare in the correct GBP rate but the wrong DKK rate. This was indeed a situration where the fare was right, but the third party vendor who provides the currency info was wrong. United did not mess up the fare costs, the third party provider messed up their applying the currency rate. The other part was that during the reservation process you had to indicate your billing address as being in Denmark. Well all of us here in the US know for a fact we not only aren't residents of Denmark but we also do not have billing addresses in Denmark either. I tried clicking on my billing address in their drop down as United States (but still on their Denmark page) and all the fares populated in the correct USD $11,000 fares. So I knew the fares were right, just the conversion of currency. All the US based customers who tried to game the system really don't have a leg to stand on in my opinion. It took two steps on the part of the customer to make the (cheap fares) populate. Once with the website, and the other with their billing address/location.


During the Delta glitch, (which I was lucky enough to snag FC seats for my wife and I to Hawaii), the issue was that the site populated the wrong fare. It was a trip that was wholly in the US, the fare itself was wrong, it was priced in USD, purchased by a US resident, with a US billing address using a US based credit card. The real reason they honored it was that the fare itself was wrong. Whatever the reason, the decimal was wrong, the info got jumbled, whatever it was, the actual fare itself was incorrect. That is Delta's fault. They cannot sell even an obviously low priced ticket, then increase the price after the sale. The DOT would have jumped all over them. In the United case yesterday, they are saying the fares were right, the conversion in price was wrong, and I know that is right because when I tried to use my billing address as United States the fares were right.