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Question asked by bjones8162 on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by pluto77

I am looking for a quick boost to get my Southwest Account up to Companion Pass status for a bunch of upcoming travel where tickets are kind of pricey.  The Marriott Travel Packages seem like a great deal, unfortunately I do not have an immediate need for a 7 night stay anywhere.  So can someone tell me how exactly these packages work?  Do I have to book my 7 night stay when I "purchase" the package with my Marriott points, or is it a certificate that I then use later.  If it is a certificate to use later, how hard are they to redeem:

  • are there limited redemption nights available at hotels?
  • can the cert. be extended for a fee beyond an expiration (presuming one year)?
  • can the certificate be upgraded with additional points later to a higher hotel Tier than what I originally purchased?


I know a lot of people just open a new SW Credit Card to get the point boost needed for CP, but I am not interested in another CC and I have a decent amount of Marriott points at my disposal.


Thanks - since I have discovered this site everyone is so helpful & not your typical snarky internet message board!