Poor customer service

Discussion created by bob_intn on Feb 11, 2015
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After many years as a Marriott Rewards customer, I noticed an ad in a Courtyard for the upgraded Visa Signature card. The ad stated that the first year carried no annual fee. I called Customer Service and specifically asked if I could transfer my account to the upgraded card with no fee for the first year. The answer was a definite yes. I received my new card and started using it. Yesterday I received a letter stating that I would be charged a fee of $85 for the first year. I called Customer Service and spoke to  a representative and a supervisor. Both said I would be charged the fee. They were polite, but would not honor the advertisement or what their representative had said to me. The annual fee is not a particularly big deal. However, the failure to honor both the ad and their own statement is very disappointing. A very poor way to operate a business.