Service comes from his heart

Discussion created by nacho on Feb 6, 2015
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I'd like to nominate Casey from TPS St. George UT for this award. This Front Desk Associate impressed me by his sincerity. I have met a lot of Front Desk Associates, some take care of their job well (i.e. check-in and out efficiently and you get what you need), some seems 'forced' to serve you (i.e. answer very firmly 'yes ma'am' and in a very mechanically way), some are very nice (mostly in upscale hotels) but dealing with them is not exactly very comfortable because you feel that you are buying that niceness.


Casey is different - he does his job well - we didn't have to wait long to get our keys. He gave us a warm welcome, and he was very patient in explaning about the hotel, offered PAG and gave me time to think. The whole check-in process is just comfortable - exactly the perfect check-in that I imagined (I actually prefer this than getting to the lounge and being served a drink while wait - why can't you just give me my key and I can go.


When we travel in the US, we use our Danish driver licence as an ID at check-in. I saw various responses from front desks: some looked shocked (I can see their mind thinking 'what is that?'), some just took a look and doesn't bother. A few including Casey will ask - wow you are from Denmark. He is actually interested in where the guests is from - and asked how was our trip and how we got to Utah - again not because he 'has' to ask (I know some hotels asked the staff to ask 'how's your trip to the hotel' at check-in and you can feel the difference), but he cares.


I had an issue after we got to our room (1 spoon was missing - and there was a sign saying that missing inventories will be billed), so I called and Casey told me very calmly that I don't have to worry (this happened before in other extended stay and quite often they will mark down. He told me to call him again if there is anything else we need help with - with the tone of voice that you know that he means it.


I can very much tell that he is sincere and he loves his job, and I think he definitely has the spirit to serve - straight from the heart.