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What does the Marriott name mean now?

Question asked by rab124 on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by fhsbbmom

I have seldom written on this site before.  However, I have read many of your comments and I find myself agreeing.  It is very disappointing to see the direction that Marriott has taken.  As a Lifetime Platinum Elite for many, many years (one of the first) and before that an Honored Guest, as I think we early loyalists were called, I appreciated the return courtesy Marriott extended to me.  Last week I commented about an unfortunate experience at a Fairfield Inn.  That would probably have been the end of it except for the comments made by the GM of that facility.  In brief he said, we choose not to upgrade on Marriott points and we choose not to extend the courtesies other Marriotts do!  My forwarding of this e-mail to Marriott Customer Service brought nothing more than ... we are looking into it.


As I think about these statements, I have to wonder exactly what the Marriott brand name means anymore.  Do I not have the right to expect some uniformity?  How would I know this facility was using the Marriott name but playing by their own rules?  Can a facility pay to use the Marriott name, enticing travelers to patronize their facility because of that name, and not offer the courtesies a traveller is expecting because of that name?


I saw comments about the cancellation policy and honestly did not think about them.  Too long have I operated on the day of arrival policy.  However I saw another side of it last week.  Had I walked out (which I was sorely tempted to do,) I would have been penalized, the FI would have received something, and could have resold my unoccupied room.  How often does this occur across Marriott?  I cannot believe there is sufficient income generated to risk angering anyone who is unfortunate enough to be delayed and forced to pay besides.  But then I have seen many of the 'old' practices changed and not for the better.

Reading comments about roll-over nights and summaries of activities, I looked for the first time at my account.  Huh?  I made more Marriott stays in two years than what this has for my entire time.  As a very frequent world-wide traveller the same age as Bill, I guess it is time to toss that fancy Marriott card and use some of the others brands (who have been trying to entice me for years).  While hard to break the Marriott cord, the corporation has provided the knife.