Delta App & Website not Working

Discussion created by frogs on Feb 2, 2015

What a tough day for Delta.  Not only are they dealing with high call volume due to the storms that went though last night and this morning but their mobile and on-line system can't handle the traffic and has basically crashed.  I now have lost two of my trips on my profile including my rebooked flight tomorrow.  It's nerve wracking when you can't see your flights.  I stayed on-hold for about 2 hours this morning to ensure that indeed my flight tomorrow hadn't been cancelled or deleted by the airline.


If you fly Delta, you may want to verify your flights eventually!  I just hope they get this fixed soon.  From what I saw on Twitter, people also can't book flights in general.


Good news, I was able to cancel my hotel reservation this morning for tonight with no charge.  At least common sense reigned at the hotel and didn't abide by the new cancellation policy of the night before.


Happy Travels!