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Hawaii 20th Anniversary Trip HNL & LIH in September, 2015

Question asked by shakespeer on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by kharada46

I am a new poster to the community although I have observed everyone's great advice for a while now.  Thanks.


I am taking my wife to Hawaii for our 20th Wedding Anniversary in late September. (First Trip)  We will be in HNL for the first four nights and then be in LIH for five nights. We have overnight flights going and coming with a midday flight between the islands.  With our flight itinerary set I am looking for recommendations for what properties we should stay.  I am Platinum Elite and will be using points for both stays. I would appreciate everyone's expert advice.  Relaxation, romance, fun, local must-sees and unique experiences are our priorities for this trip.


What is the best property for Oahu for 4 nights?

What is the best property for Kauai for 5 nights?

Any agenda suggestions for those 6 days aside from lounging and rest?

Should we spring for room upgrades and if so to what level?


Any local/expert advice would be greatly appreciated to maximize this special trip for us.

Thanks in advance to the Marriott Community