My upcoming spring European vacation

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I've always wanted to try train travel, so this spring I am taking my family on a trip across Europe. I thought that I'd lay out the itinerary here so that anyone could make suggestions. It is highly likely that we are trying to cram too much into one trip, but that tends to be the way we do things.


Day 1 - Fly into Brussels train to Ghent to see the city and spend the night at the Ghent Marriott

Day 2 - Early train to Bruges and spend the day their before catching a train back to Brussels to visit friends

Day 3 - In Brussels with friends

Day 4 - Depart Brussels via train to Cologne and spend the night in the Cologne Marriott

Day 5 - See Cologne in the day and then overnight train from Cologne to Prague

Day 6 - Arrive in Prague and  stay at the Prague Marriott Boscolo Prague

Day 7 - Tour Prague Train from Prague to Vienna and stay at Imperial Riding School

Day 8 - Tour Prague Vienna

Day 9 - Train from Vienna Prague to Budapest to stay with a friend

Day 10 - Budapest

Day 11 - Most of the day in Budapest and then fly home in the evening


Originally, I planned to go directly from Cologne to Vienna, but the train doesn't seem to be available so I added the stop in Prague. I also originally intended a day trip to Bratislava, but since I'm going to Prague now I figured it's better to get a full day in Vienna. But, I guess I could take a day away from Budapest. But, as I said, it already feels kind of rushed and since I know we'll be living in Europe at least another few years I feel like there will be more opportunities.


Any suggestions on my plan or must see things while in any of these locations?