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Any way to get award availability when none shows up?  (Does Marriott have a "no blackout dates" policy?)

Question asked by deal on Jan 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2015 by deal

I am planning a trip to Indianapolis in August, 2015.  I wanted to use points for the hotel and have booked 3 nights with points at the JW.  I need the two preceding nights (Aug 4-6...which would be a bonus for me as when you reserve 4 nights the 5th is "free").  I am a platinum MR member.  Is there any way to "override" on an award stay?  It sure seems funny that the hotel has no awards available so far out.  Are award stays limited to 3 or 4 nights so you don't get the 5th free?  Do I have any options?  Thanks.