Nomination for Madeline (Marriott Beachplace Towers)

Discussion created by mtl_traveller on Jan 20, 2015
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I would like to nominate Madeline at the front desk for the Spirit to Serve Award.


Two weeks before arrival at the Beachplace Towers for the Christmas holidays with my family, I had called the main reservations line to shorten our stay by a couple of days. Instead, they have cancelled it altogether! The agent did advise me on phone that they have to cancel it and book it again (apparently the only way to shorten a reservation), but nothing had been rebooked by the next day and the reservation showed Cancelled in my account. The hotel showed no availabilities for the holidays period, so I was completely panicked. I called the Marriott Customer Care line, only to be told that it has to be the MVC Customer Care line, I've been transferred to it, the agent there (who shall remain un-named) told me there was nothing to be done to correct their own mistake! Even though I tried to explain it was their mistake as I did not want to cancel my reservation, he did not want to hear antything. Having our family holidays vacation, booked back in March, cancelled by a stupid mistake, and no one seemingly willing to help, was really very upsetting.


As a last resort I called the hotel directly and asked to talk to the front office manager. As they were in a meeting I left my name and phone number. Less than 20 minutes later, Madeline called me. In less than two minutes she understood my situation and my panic, probably also saw that the reservation had been cancelled by the hotel or by the main reservations office (not by me), and immediately reinstated my reservation! No non-sense questions, very professional, she only needed 5 minutes to repair a mistake and make a customer (a whole family) happy.


One can imagine my relief! She had saved our vacation!! And, not the least, saved Marriott's Customer care reputation, at least for me!!

For this, I would like to express my gratitude and nominate her for the Spirit to Serve.


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