Is Marriott Full Service Changing to Partial Service?

Discussion created by frogs on Jan 20, 2015
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I realize that this is from only a one location experience but curious if anyone else has experience the same ...


I have been staying at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.  They have started renovations on the restaurant and moved operations to a temporary room.  During these renovations they have stopped room service stating that they couldn't figure out how to accommodate this service.  I find that odd since I can call down and they will provide carryout service.  When I commented that it will be nice to have that service back after renovations they indicated that the management is considering not bringing room service back.  It won't be until March until it will be known what they decide but I was wondering if any other Insiders have seen anything similar elsewhere.  In my opinion this is a disservice ... this is one thing I look for having available at a FULL service hotel.



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