Marriott properties in Boston

Discussion created by ks77 on Jan 12, 2015
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Now I have only been to Boston once. It was for a weekend trip in Dec 2012. My wife and I had a good time but would love to go back during the spring or summer. We would love to see a ballgame, maybe Sam Adams, and walk around. The problem is, I have looked for rooms for about 2 years and the rates in Boston are absolutely ridiculous year.round It doesn't matter time of year, location (except maybe airport or more industrial areas) they are always expensive. The Long Wharf is a cat 9 for crying out loud. I have read reviews on it and they are mediocre. I see cat 9 and a $499 a night price tag and don't expect mediocre. Which brings me to my next point. I have a Marriott Visa cert (1-5) and so I decided to see if there was any properties at all that were a cat 5. Turns out, there is not one property in Boston that isn't at least a cat 7. Yes, there are a couple outside of town (9.2 miles away) that are a cat 6 (still doesn't work for me) so come on now, there is not ONE property in the desirable parts of Boston that is less than cat 7?!?! Is anyone else annoyed by this?


Thoughts? iahflyr, erc, bejacob