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Not Receiving Proper Marriott Points

Question asked by cyearns on Jan 9, 2015
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I've recently starting searching for the best rewards offer and base my hotel choice based on what promotions are running.  These promotions are often extra Marriott Rewards Points, ranging from 1000 to 3000 extra points per stay.  I use these points to pay for my families vacation to help compensate them for my time away from home while traveling for work.


However, I've had two stays in the last two months where these extra rewards points were not posted.  A 30 minute call to to Marriott has gotten it resolved each time, but I shouldn't have to baby sit the system to ensure I get all my points.  I've now spent an hour of my time trying to resolve the missing points, in addition to having to track all the promotions I've registered for in a spreadsheet to ensure I get what I pay for.  I felt since this was the second time (and quite possibly not the last time) that Marriott could have granted a minor goodwill adjustment for the inconvenience. I also typically get charged a slightly higher rate for these extra points.  However, I was flat out denied when I made that request. 


It's obvious that the rep I was talking to didn't value my time as I did.  So my question is, should I be entitled to some goodwill adjustment for having to babysit my promotion status?  


I am currently a very loyal Marriott customer with Platinum Elite status and use my Marriott Rewards card for every stay.