Mega bonus moving target

Discussion created by quiltsue63 on Jan 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2015 by bejacob

I was Gold status in 2014 and just made platinum at the end of December.  For the current Megabonus set to expire Jan 15, I had a 15 night goal (with 25K bonus) as a gold member when I registered in the fall.   I have carefully planned my travel to make that goal.  Today when I looked at my account, my progress bar says I need 20 nights to get 40K bonus. I can only assume this changed because of my change to Platinum last week.  But I am pretty ticked off because at the time I registered I was given the 15 night goal and planned accordingly. Now it is too late to reach the 20 night goal by the 15th.  Do you think I have any recourse here?