One MegaBonus For All - A Suggestion

Discussion created by bejacob on Dec 21, 2014
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Branched from an earlier discussion

I still insist that there are too many different MegaBonus offers. Even if promo certificates are dead , why can't there be a single offer? As I mentioned on a previous thread (Re: MegaBonus - Promo Certs or Points?) , it could be structured to encourage more nights.


Modifying what I first recommended, I suggest a single MegaBonus designed as follows


Earn up to 50,000 rewards points.


Stay  5 nights,  earn  5,000 points

Stay 10 nights, earn 10,000 points (marginal value 1000/night)

Stay 15 nights, earn 17,000 points (marginal value 1400/night)

Stay 20 nights, earn 25,000 points (marginal value 1600/night)

Stay 25 nights, earn 35,000 points (marginal value 2000/night)

Stay 30 nights, earn 50,000 points (marginal value 3000/night)

(Again, just possible levels based on previous offers)


There would never again be a need to call to change your MegaBonus since this would be the only one.


Infrequent travelers might still be able to earn some points while road warriors would earn the highest bonuses. No more trying to compare which offer would yield the most points.


With the 5 night thresholds, someone with 18 nights might be encouraged to stay 2 more nights to gain the additional bonus points.


With the Spring MegaBonus just announced, it's time to revive this thread to solicit additional discussion. What say you, Insiders?