Ugh, gotta use our 'Corporate Credit Card'...

Discussion created by josephk on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by columbussig

Hi, for the past 4 years, had been loving and staying with Marriott; and even got the Marriott Premier Credit Card ($85/year).  A few months ago, company I worked for required all expenses to be charged to the "corporate credit card" that they have issued to employees.


While I know that I will still earn Marriott points just by staying there (and 25% more for being gold).  I'm saddened that I'll miss out on those 5 extra points per $ spent that is charged to the Marriott credit card whenever I stay.


Anyone know if there's a Marriott incentive workaround program for this?  If not, here's my pitch to Marriott's marketing group - if someone had to pay using their corporate card, but have a Marriott Premier credit card at the same time (have to show proof or something), that Marriott (maybe Chase?) will out of their kindness would give the same earnings to the cardholder for their loyalty? :-)