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Shelbourne Hotel Dublin Honeymoon Help!

Question asked by mohangonzales on Jan 7, 2015



I'm new to this community, but I'm taking my soon to be wife to Ireland for our honeymoon this August. We are staying at Ashford Castle and 2 nights in Dublin at the Shelbourne as part of the trip. I was hoping to make contact with the General Manager of the Shelbourne to see if they could help to make this really be the trip of a lifetime. She's never been across the Atlantic, let alone to Ireland, and it's 1 of her dream vacations. I scoured the Shelbourne page, but came up empty handed as far as a contact at the hotel. We are Marriott Gold loyalists, and will almost certainly hit platinum by the time we travel.


Also, I'd love some tips on things to do/see/etc while there. We are planning a trip to the Powerscourt Gardens, Guinness Brewery, Cliffs of Moher, etc.


Thanks for any help you can provide!