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One Night Away Silver Elite - Bad CS

Question asked by billabongi on Dec 31, 2014
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I'm posting this as in the hopes someone here can help me with an escalation path.


I had a recent trip in December where the last night we stayed would be on points. I was unsure if I would get credit for the night when using points, so I specifically asked at the front desk at check in if I would receive a nights credit for staying on points and was told yes. I even explained that I would pay for the night as I was only 1 night away from Silver Elite and was told I did not need too. Come to find out that is not true and you don't receive a nights credit when staying on points. Being that I specifically asked about this, I reached out to Marriott Customer Service and unfortunately received some of the worst CS that I have ever experienced. I ended up being scolded for not knowing about this ahead of time and all blame was completely placed on me, glossing over the incorrect information given to me by a Marriott employee.


I would really like to escalate this as its no longer about the silver elite status or the 1 night and it's turned into making sure this person receives training or verifying if this is a pattern. I would say it's bad CS when I go from being a happy Marriott customer to a very upset customer on the account of "Customer service."


If anybody here knows of an escalation path for me, please let me know.


Thanks for your time,