Platinum Arrival Gift - What if agent has no clue?

Discussion created by christianas on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2015 by shashdado

Since I became Platinum, I have been scouring the T&C for every little detail.  I know we are supposed to receive a guaranteed arrival gift (at participating hotels).  I also know that if it is not offered or doesn't show up in the account, the T&C covers a monetary compensation for this lack of service.


My question is this: How many of you encounter front desk agents who have never heard of the Platinum Arrival Gift?  It keeps happening to me - more especially at say a Courtyard when my first act is to grab a soda and check in, expecting the soda to be free in addition to points given (per the T&C).  I point out the Arrival Gift when they try to charge for the soda, and I get a confused look.  Further discussion, and I find they have no idea what the Platinum Arrival Gift is.


What do you do in these situations?  How do you typically go about tracking down the points or the monetary compensation with Marriott?