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Earning Nights/Points When Assisting Colleagues/Friends With Their Reservations

Question asked by marcell on Dec 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2014 by mybnj

A few years ago, I had quite a bit of job-related travel that allowed me the opportunity to earn points through Marriott. I was able to make my own travel arrangements so I could direct most of my lodging business to the Marriott brand.


I have assisted many colleagues with their travel requests as well. In some cases, I was able to find lodging for them at various Marriott brands.


Since most of the staff who traveled didn't reserve their own rooms, they would come to me to help assist in that area.


I noticed on those occasions that if I booked a reservation online for them, then I would earn nights and points. When they would turn in their hotel folio (with their expense reports), I noticed that my MR # was still a part of the folio.  Out of curiosity, when I checked my account, the nights and points were applied.


I just treated it as a benefit of directing the business to the Marriott brand.


Have you had this to happen to you? What are your thoughts? Just a question that I wanted to post on here.