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Discussion created by erc on Dec 25, 2014
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Ho, ho, ho - here's a special Christmas package for all us Insiders (the ghost of Christmas present woke me in a dream);

We do a lot of rippin' and roarin' on this site, which is good stuff, because it gets the creative juices flowing, leading to useful insights

What sets our forum apart is the camaraderie and thoughtfulness displayed toward one another

Along those lines, it's good to keep in mind, the Moderation Team are not only human (unlike The Man, The Greater Team, or that stupid robot that oftentimes answers the customer service line, aah, but I digress ),  they are also very personable, customer oriented, and quite competent.

Below, dug up from a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall's back porch since noon Tuesday, is proof of the humanity of our excellent moderation team (fear not, I'm still going to rouse some rabble, just get me back into the Matrix )

The big cheese herself, communitymanagers Nathalie, (she calls him her 'little' brother!)



The Royal Imperial Potentate of all things Social Media, michellel2 - somebody's a very lucky groom (probably with a nice points balance also!)


We knew this guy was cool, don't be a hater, boomers, alas we had our day, The specified item was not found. repping the Insider beer coalition (slide photo over, josh is the far right guy)


Well perhaps this explains the infrequency of the merb replies, romance on the high seas (she got engaged!)


katiec - nice family photo on Martha's Vineyard (no wisecracks from me, with an All Pro husband like that!)


I searched high and low for shots of our own lindseyh but none were to be found,
no doubt she was busy at her alma mater Faber College, err, Oregon, performing holiday volunteer work

     shot on location of National Lampoon's Vacation

(either that or she's working on a secret mission with Anadyr in Area 51)


Enjoy the holidays, one and all