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When does the "Nights Stayed" Clock truly end?

Question asked by turbodave on Jan 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by tommo781

Can someone please tell me when the clock really starts & ends each year for "Nights Stayed credit"? Today is Jan. 1st, my account has been zeroed out for 2014. Spent 63-Niggts. 2015 night credit is obviously at zero. My account still says "Remaining nights needed for Platinum=12? I don't get it. How much time do I truly have to get the 12-Additional Nights

For Platinum? BTW, have been Gold Elite for years, have way more than the 2.5 Million lifetime Points earned for Platinum Elite for life, only short 45 or so nights to hit the magic 750-Career nights. Only curious about the 12 I'm short with my 63. I certainly close out the remaining 45 for lifetime Platinum. Be nice to get the Platinum Status back in 12 more, then before the years over, keep it for life with only another 33-stays! Does this question make sense to anyone out there? Thank You all & Happy New Year, Sincerely, TurboDave!