First Annual/Last Ever Insiders Only, Non-Facebook, New Year's Eve Contest

Discussion created by erc on Dec 31, 2014
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Here's a little sumpin' sumpin***  for Insiders. No Facebook sign up required, no tweetin', no liking, you don't even have to be human
  (heck, even Dr. Chuckleboomboom's dog   
   can win, if he knows how to spell). Be the first to correctly answer;
       Who is Erc standing next to? 
  Shot live tonight in Washington DC and completed in time for erc and the Mrs. to get back to the Mayflower in time for the 10 o'clock news and in keeping with their holiday tradition, doze off with the New Year's activities playing on television in the background. Hint: this restaurant and chef have been mentioned several times in Insiders and is a sister of a Massachusetts Insider.
  Start googling, hack into the C.I.A.s face recognition program, do whatever it takes, but be the first to post the correct answer and
win an autographed, slightly read, copy of our forum's own novelist Anadyr's latest spy thriller (profchiara writes non-fiction, foxglove writes tech manuals, like Radiation's Effects on Wolves - hint, it makes them thirsty) about that womanizing, assassinating, hard drinking, spy Andy Reid (the author
swears, it's not an autobiography) in 
  *** Winner - properly naming this beer reference (I had one today at Bub and Pop's) earns a Special Bonus prize.
  If you guess wrong, thank you for trying, you win my gratitude for playing; if you won't even play, because you're too cool for school, then, I have cleared it with Marriott; you will have to cancel all of your 2015 reservations by at least one day in advance of check in.
  This contest is run by a wholly owned subsidiary of The Greater Team. We can tell you in advance, that your gripes, complaints, suggestions, or whining is greatly appreciated and will be passed along and reviewed per our usual procedure
                           Happy New Year 2015 to all Insiders
  As Roseanne Rosanna Danna used to say,  .
Since I can't stay up late enough to award a west coast winner, I'm going to Part Two of the Contest (hey, no complaining, at least it's not Ceelo in a Bubble Bath Discovery Doors Contest that to this day still gives ssindc the willies).
  We just finished a lovely New Year's Eve dinner at Ris. You've read about it several times here on Insiders and it lived up to it's reputation. The chef Doris LaCoste is our very own rinny54's sister.

  Chef Doris (Ris, thus the name of her restaurant) LaCoste of the very popular, well run Ris restaurant. Once again Ris ranks among the top restaurants in the Washingtonian's survey and it always scores highly on TripAdvisor. Conveniently located on L St. near GW and several Marriotts, this is an excellent stop prior to a show at the Kennedy Center (actually, a very pleasant spring walk).
  ps- tonight's meals; Portuguese fish soup (monkfish, shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, sausage, vegetables and a tasty broth) and the grilled shrimp special (pomegranates, jasmine rice, pumpkin seed, sweet potatoes, spinach and a tasty bisque) were like previous meals here - superb. Check it out, if in town.

  Contest Part Two:
No Sweat, we're used to contest rollout hiccups, so this, like the PlusPoints program, is my 'beta' test :-).
  In keeping with the food theme (actually one of the author's nostalgic favorites, he liked it almost as much as nuhusker loves his Marriott burger
   be the first to correctly provide the name of this item (a predecessor to the Big Mac)
  from Marriott's original business
Hot Shoppes, currently being served at the Marriott DC flagship hotel, the Marriott Marquis in their Anthem casual dining restaurant (for $17, ouch) and you win the Insiders prize. As always, thanks for playing along.
  Any of you wanting your contest application fee refunded, please send $5 (for activating your account) to;
  Erc's Nigerian Prince Insider Scam
  310 Bearcat Drive Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
  Happy New Year's to All Insiders