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Upgrade Disappointment - Kingston, NY

Question asked by mybnj on Dec 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by erc

eliteBooked a room at the Courtyard Kingston, NY.   I booked a suite for 179, and then cancelled it and booked a regular room at 149.  I already put out a few hundred skiing local resorts and my thinking was I could just request an upgrade as a Gold Eliete upon check-in since I had noticed the suites had been available for weeks, and right up until the night when I checked in they remained available. 


At check in, I requested an upgrade to the Suite to which the attendant sates "there are none available".  I then respond, there appear to be lots available on your website, to which he acknowledged and stated "there are only 3 rooms available for upgrade and they have been used up".


Curious to know whether this a marriott policy/decison or local management to offer only 3 rooms as upgrade eleigble while others are available yet appear to go idle overnight?  And where did the number 3 come from?  At least pick an even number, or have a make it a percent of rooms. 


Either way..... I love marriot brands and promote them often but this one left a bad taste in my mouth.  Ill be sure to share this experience across a range of travel and skiiing websites so maybe the hotel will pick up on it.