Marriott asking FCC to allow them to block Guests' personal Internet Hotspots

Discussion created by perrynh on Dec 29, 2014

After getting into trouble and paying a fine of $600000 in Opryland for blocking hotspots in their convention center, Marriott is asking for a rule change allowing them to block guests own access the internet. Google, Microsoft throw weight in fight against Marriott Wi-Fi blocking request | Ars Technica


As manager in a very high tech company, a gold member and almost exclusive Marriott customer for many years, I can only say that this disappoints and disturbs me and that I will be exploring my options about elite status in other hotels.


I've stayed in Marriott properties all over the US, mostly in DC, San Antonio and New Jersey, and having good Internet to me is third after a clean room/bed and a hot shower.


For the past few years I've seen Internet service degrade at Marriott properties, seemingly the ones with tiered service had more and earlier problems than others.


Two recent stays in 2014 had Internet problems, in San Antonio (great TP where they're really trying to get it fixed) where it was spotty in my room, and Detroit (DTW Romulus Courtyard), where it was completely down for at least one night.  What made it worse was when I checked in, they told us that "Internet is down in the rooms, but we have a hotspot in the lobby".  They didn't mention that it was a staff members personal phone, and that it didn't work. 


I absolutely need internet access when I travel, and my phone is my backup hotspot.  For a brand that's so important to me to formally request forcing me to use their service and blocking my own makes me really disappointed.


For my loyalty, the message I want to see from my hotel is:

"The Internet is important to you and it will be fast and available.  Guaranteed".


Absolutely not the opposite.W