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American Airlines Gold Status - What's it Worth?

Question asked by pluto77 on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2014 by pluto77

AA has been sending me offers to buy Gold status for next year for $650.  I already get free bags and group 1 boarding with the AA Citi Mastercard, but no priority line at the front counter (I avoid front counters unless it's necessary to check a bag), although I am supposed to get priority line access at the front counter along with elite boarding privileges on AA flights due to my AS (Alaska) elite status (because they are partner airlines), but upon recent inquiry, one AA gate agent at JFK told me I was not entitled.  I think she was incorrect, unless AS is promising (in writing) it's elite flyers a reciprocal benefit from their partners which their partners (at least AA) are patently not honoring.  I also have TSA pre through Global Entry.


About the only thing I can see as a benefit (beyond what I already get with AS status, the AA credit card and Global Entry) from the gold status is that my main cabin extra seats can be purchased for 50% less, which with the flights I do, will really only cause me to break even.  Or at 24 hour check-in, if there are any of those seats left (usually middle seats, if any), complimentary. 


Does anyone here have gold status with AA, and how much benefit do you feel that it gives you, especially with regards to getting complimentary main cabin extra seating?