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10 days till Christmas Eve, time for festivities...

Question asked by brightlybob on Dec 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by foxglove

Woohoo, it's only 10 more sleeps till Christmas Eve... Time to get into that Christmas spirit.


And to avenge bejacob for his "outrageous shirts" thread I will kick off with "Twas a night before Christmas" especially for him - Yes, I know I responded to his thread, but you can't wave a roast chicken in front of my cat and expect to keep your hands, so I blame him for all that followed


So c'mon everyone, let's get into the Christmas spirit. Post your Christmas messages/photos/poetry/randomness/secretest-thoughts here - don't worry about the secretest-thoughts bit, I won't tell, I'm the soul of discretion!


As always (when I remember to post my garbage as questions) there's a completely capricious "correct" and 2 equally random "helpful" marks to give away on Christmas day. Just think, if you reply here, whatever you reply here, you're in line to wake up on Christmas Morning to find SantaBob has dropped a "helpful" or even a "correct" into your Christmas inbox-stocking-interwebwotsit.


Happy Christmas to you all (yes, even erc, tommo781 and even you, bejacob )