Favorite Restaurants That Have Closed

Discussion created by erc on Dec 18, 2014
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Recent Insiders threads (Where Should Marriott Open Hotels? - reminding me of the excellent Hollywood Renaissance and arkwright's insightful post, Images of Travel, - recalling for me the evocative descriptions over the years of Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia) combined with the recent closing of the highly regarded Cityzen in the Mandarin Oriental in Washington DC, got me thinking of other places where I dined, that were at times, hard to get into and almost always an 'event'. Here's a list of a few that I can recall that have gone by the wayside (reminding me, at my stage in life, no need to bust a gut trying to get to Rose's Luxury, Minibar et al., instead, just try to outlive them )

  Quilted Giraffe - NY
  Dominques - DC
  LeBecFin - Philly
  Bookbinders - Philly
  Charlie Trotter's - Chicago
  Maxim's - Houston
  Tavern on the Green - NY (yes, now reopened in a new version, anyone tried it out yet?)

  Are there any restaurants that you recall that similarly were the toast of the town that are now no longer around (bpelican, didn't you use to discuss the Bronx Bombers with Joltin' Joe and Yogi at Toots Shor's ?)