Retroactively Posting Platinum Bonus Points to Avoid Paying the Guarantee?

Discussion created by davidni on Dec 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by iahflyr

On Dec 11, I discovered that the 500 Platinum bonus points were not posted to my account for my stay at Marriott Chicago at Medical District/UIC from Nov 3-5.  I sent an email to Marriott Customer Service who forwarded my email to the hotel management.  I got an replay from the hotel apologizing to this mishap and promised to issue me 1000 points, plus the $100 Platinum guarantee pursuant to the Elite Membership rule. 


Today, the hotel sent me an email saying that Marriott told them that they did offer me the 500 bonus points when I checked in, but the bonus has not being posted to my account.  Now the bonus has been posted to my account now, and they will still go ahead to give me the 1000 additional points. However, they will not issue me the $100 guarantee payment anymore.


So my questions here is if I did not contact the Marriott customer service, the 500 bonus would never show up on my account.  They did not get posted to my account until today (probably due to retroactively posting), which is more than one month after I have checked out from the hotel and only after I have contacted the hotel, shouldn't the hotel or Marriott be still obligated to pay me the $100 guarantee?