AA-USAirways merger 1 year later

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One year has passed since AA and USAir merger. So far it looks to be going more smoothly than the United/Continental merger in 2010. I think two important steps were taken to help in the success of the new AA. First, they did not make large material changes to their FF programs. (they didn't anger their best and most profitable customers) and two, they have announced not only $2 billion in fleet cabin upgrades, but they are upgrading their entire fleet plane by plane. By 2017 you won't see any more MD-80s and you will see all new aircraft. This goes along with my hope that the AA model would win out and early indications are that it has. My biggest fear was that the new AA was going to be a glorified Spirit like US Airways was becoming. Old, noisy, beat up planes, surly FAs and GAs, a crummy website, and no IFE. The new AA appears to not only be new planes, but new planes with great amenities. I am really really REALLY hoping that I don't fall for the same trick Smisek fooled me with back in 2010-2011. Honestly I don't see that happening here but I would like to see what everyone thinks. erc, iahflyr, kharada46, pluto77, vaboywnder


American-US Airways mark one-year merger anniversary