Insiders with Outrageous Shirts

Discussion created by bejacob on Dec 9, 2014
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Inspired by brightlybob and suggested by erc (you didn't think I'd do it, did you?) a new place for Insiders to show of their fashion sense (or lack thereof).


***Note that this thread is just spread a few laughs. No Insiders or outrageous shirts should be harmed in the process. Have fun and Happy Holidays***


Here's my contribution


My 40th Anniversary Enchanted Tiki Room Shirt designed by the artist Shag (one of only 500 made).


tiki shirt.jpg


Check out the coconut buttons and how the pocket blends flawlessly into the pattern, a sign of a quality Aloha shirt (right kharada46?)


Okay, brightlybob, let's see what you've got. Post that SpongeBob shirt again and whatever else you have.


erc, feel free to jump in anytime.