A happy pre-travel story

Discussion created by profchiara on Dec 9, 2014
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Hi all,

Good customer service or helpfulness in travel is so rare these days that I want to share a good story.  I was supposed to leave for Venice today but we have ice and freezing Maine today and Boston, where I was supposed to fly from tonight, will have heavy rain and up to 50 mph wind gusts at the time of the flight.  Delta had issued a Northeast travel advisory, but didn't include Boston.  I called the Platinum line and to my shock an agent spent about 20 minutes on the phone changing all my flights to one day later leaving and coming home, even though parts of the flights are through AMS and CDG.  And she waived the change fee.  Then I had to call because I only had until 3:59pm yesterday to change my reservation without forfeiting a night's room cost.  They contacted the hotel in Venice, which readily agreed -- and I ended up with a lower price for the same room!  THEN I called Air France because I couldn't pick my seat on Delta's site.  This is normally a huge hassle because of different confirmation numbers.  Instead, I got an agent who was able to access my Delta record.  She initially put me in a requested aisle then noticed I was PlatinumElitePlus and said, oh, wait I'll put you in the preferred section.


This indeed has been my lucky day so far!  I told the initial Delta agent she might literally have saved my life, since driving is treacherous and not supposed to get better till tomorrow. (Knock on wood -- I might slip and break my neck on the ice going to the college...)


What an amazing difference it makes when customer service agents go out of their way to help!  I told them so, but fortunately also get the opportunity to rate them.