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Insiders have shared where we travel to during the holidays and what we like to do, how about some details about your actual hometown over the holidays? Certainly, Washington DC like several major cities, is lovely during the holidays with plenty of holiday spirit, decorations, and performances. Being the nation's capital, along with the numerous neighborhood holiday craft fairs, we have the good fortune of having embassies offering their countries' bazaars and markets (Sweden and Norway, always put on a great show)  and like several coastal cities or those on rivers, we have the parade of lights on boats. Here are some of the activities I enjoy each year from my hometown (both city and suburb), how about you?
Each year a local dance troupe puts on a surprisingly stylish and quite entertaining holiday show  
(now, some of the neighbors I watched are instructors - some became Rockettes).    
I also like to head into the city for at least one show at one of the major theatres or churches
This year, friends were performing downtown in a choral presentation, lots of fun
(adult singers lined up along the walls and back - real stereo sound)
and an excuse to go to two of my favorite spots, Birch and Barley restaurant and their upstairs beer hall Church Key
Other spots throughout the city which provide a nice holiday spirit       
The Botanic Gardens - invigorating plants along with a nice holiday train display    
And for trains - Union Station is always decked out with trees, decorations, and train sets    
   The US national Christmas tree as seen from a variety of buildings, even more majestic up close

  The National Zoo all December, puts on a nice display of lights, animals, and exhibits

  The Holiday Market near the National Art Gallery has many artisan gifts
   and of course, as we shared last year, most all of the hotels have
  lovely lobby decorations, here's the Willard
near the White House


The  Insiders forum has many great towns and cities represented, as the holidays roll along, share a tale or two about your hometown holiday activities, we all just might want to visit.
  Happy Holidays to Insiders, one and all.