Marriott debuts hotel brand for Millennials

Discussion created by ks77 on Dec 8, 2014
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I think it's a cool concept and will be well received in the U.S. I for one think the addition of wifi to all Marriott properties was not only smart but way overdue. Some of the items I really don't care about though...the "social areas", or "public spaces" Me personally, unless having an actual meal or drink at a bar, will be in my room. I want to relax, watch tv, and have piece and quiet. They mention Best Western, but I will never forget a Franchising professor I had back in college who said "I never stay at Best Western because you have no idea what you are going to get" I have used that advice over the years to look at reviews on several different sites to see what BW is all about. It looks to me that while yes there are some very nice properties out there, for the most part BW is not that great and made my choice to become a Marriott man that much easier.


What does everyone else think?? erc, iahflyr, vaboywnder


Marriott debuts hotel brand for Millennials