Mobile App Impressions Good and Bad

Discussion created by mybnj on Dec 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by carat

Downloaded the N. America App as soon as it came out, as it was a great concept.  Used it several times in Herndon VA and it worked flawlessly.  Only complaint was you had to have your reservation confirmation number in your hands so you could check in.   Would be nicer if it was just a link, or some type of confirm you could easily recall.  At any rate, when I arrived, they acknowledged my mobile check in and handed me my key as I walked in the door and I mean literally.  Someone was standing at the door holding a folder... was very impressed.      6 months later issues occurred.   Checked in night before with a very early check-in at the Marquis and I noticed I would not get my room type... normally 2 beds vs a King.  I tend to believe it was my early check in driving this, but also checking in day before when inventory was low didn't help.  This happened several times.    Another NY Hotel - residence inn - and get the email asking for mobile check in.   When  I try to do this with reservation number, I get a error message indicating they found my reservation, but the hotel does not offer mobile check in.  Curious about this and wonder, why did they send me the email telling me to check in via the app?    Week later same thing....  Now for several months, I get the same message, at various Marriott hotels.   I no longer use it as much.  Results have been mixed.