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How to or not to earn reward credits toward elite status!

Question asked by dexterdog on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by mybnj

Reaching platinum elite status has me a bit confused. I was sitting at 70 days and stayed at MARRIOTT Streamside in Vail for 5 nights. I assumed that would put me at the required 75 nights for another year of platinum -WRONG! The Vail MARRIOTT Streamside doesn't participate in the rewards program.   I was referred to paragraph 11 of the rewards agreement and was told that I should have been aware of that situation. So, I learned that just because I stay at a MARRIOTT I can not assume that the night will count or that I will receive reward points. A Marriott should be a Marriott. Call it something else if it is a special nonparticipating location or at least make the customer aware when the reservation is confirmed.

That brings me to the rewards credit card. It states that for every $3000 spent, one elite night credit is earned. To me spending $15000 should earn 5 elite credits. Again, I must be missing something or there is something special about being at 70 nights because, again, I have not received the credits and did not reach 75 nights for the platinum status. I did spend the required 15K.

SInce this lack  of follow through on the part of Marriot, my travels have earned me my next 5 nights credit and I now sit at 75 nights, but in my mind it should be 85. I have contacted Marriott rewards by phone and was told that all was good and would be attended to. I followed up with an email to the person I spoke to - no response. I have attempted to reach someone 3 other times. Again, no response nor follow through. This is NOT the kind of service that a loyal Marriott customer should receive!

what am I missing?