Insiders Building Momentum as Year Ends

Discussion created by erc on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by ne_traveling_man
   Perhaps it was the recovery from a Thanksgiving L-Tryptophan holiday or perhaps it was the joy of snagging the multitude of Marriott's must buy two, CyberMonday specials , but what excellent energy Insiders had this morning (afternoon across the Pond).
  Hats off to brightlybob who waded through his past write ups (like the diligent barrister that he is) and placed them on The Big Board, spurring on all sorts of interaction (still going on) with an excellent exchange of travel insights, which lead to an overall energetic vibe in the forum from regulars and newer members alike, discussing points, nights, techniques, exotic places that Bob Seger sang about, and the like. Brightly demonstrated the difference between a writeup (great tips and insights, encouraging interaction) and a review/survey (Fitness Center: Strongly agree that the treadmills are there).
  A thank you to The specified item was not found. and his fellow Revelry Rousers (ha) for his consistent follow up (he dug up Australian and Chinese bar closing policies in less than an hour) and an ongoing tip of the cap to communitymanagers who is constantly working (although I still see Savannah Romance ) to make Insiders the "Go To" forum for Marriott Rewards Members (hopefully beating Tommy the points guy with the United announcement).
  We're clicking on all cylinders - Great stuff. Go man go. Keep on keepin' on Insiders, we're getting there.