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Discussion created by erc on Dec 2, 2014
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Frank and I often don't see eye to eye (although I thought he was an excellent restaurant critic), but boy I'm in total agreement with him on this one - plane courtesy, a thing of the past. Aviation geeks (kharada46, iahflyr, pluto77, ks77, hoping to increase participation I used Frank's title), this is why I don't study the planes I fly, although perhaps with some tips from you guys, knowing the right plane to fly might help offset the soulless nature of air travel. Whereas I'm certainly no B & B kind of guy, all friendly and interested, I occasionally enjoy the sharing of a tale or two; thus the beauty of Insiders. Hopefully hotels won't enter this world of 'eroding empathy' (or soon like ehjay writes, they'll be closing the lobby lounges after 10 - which if I was ever up that late, would bug me also ).


Keep on keepin' on Insiders, as the travel environment becomes more and more hostile, the camaraderie of travelers becomes more meaningful.


posted after flying home next to a tupperware packaged, brussel sprouts consuming, overflowing out of the middle seat, nose tackle  (and they weren't Wolfgang Puck type, flowery bouquet brussel sprouts)